To be a great teacher you don’t need the latest technology, the cutest classroom or the newest outfit. What you do need is a passion for learning and the heart to love every student that enters your classroom.

Jazmyn Profesor Engleza BrightKids
English teacher and trainer
My name is Andreea, I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest and I am the mother of two children. I have a vast experience in teaching, I hold a master degree and the Celt-P and Celt-S Cambridge Certifications, which offered me the teaching knowledge and skills to create the best strategies in teaching our students. My passion for international cultures and foreign languages made me set up this project through which my team and I are providing courses for our students’ best development.
Founder and English Teacher
My name is Enola and although I have an American name, my mother tongue is Romanian. I’ve studied with a scholarship at Wake Forest University in the USA, and I am in love with Spanish, which I’ve mastered through the Erasmus’programmes in Spain in the past few years. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach both English and Spanish and to be surrounded by children most of my time. I love travelling and meeting new people.
English and Spanish Teacher
My name is Aura. I studied PR,Media and Cultural Studies at the University of the Arts in London and then a Master’s degree in Journalism and Television at the same institution. I am currently teaching English and working with the little ones, since 2016 when I started collaborating with a TV show dedicated to talented children in Romania. I teach with great pleasure and I was lucky to meet intelligent, determined little ones who obtained very good results at the specialized exams in English. My priority is the welfare of children. It is very important for the little ones to feel comfortable during the classes, to learn through play and to feel that the person in front of them is not only their teacher, but also their friend. I regularly take courses with British and Romanian trainers to improve my teaching techniques and my passions are culinary art and travel.
English teacher
My name is Emilia and I am 28 years old. I graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Korean-English major, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. In 2019, I also obtained a master’s degree in the field of East Asian studies. I had the opportunity to work with children and teenagers since the third year of college, under the guidance of the best professors in Cluj-Napoca. After successfully completing my studies in 2016, I continued to work with children in several language centers. Children s creativity and their constant desire to learn new things have always captivated me and shown me how important it is to keep your spirit young. I like to learn, to discover new things. Moreover, I like to teach what I learn. I believe that the teachinglearning process is much more than an exchange of information. It’s a way to create a new reality and discover new talents. I strongly believe that every child is an artist or a little scientist. And in order to follow his path, he needs a little courage and guidance. As I mentioned before, I love learning. That’s why I am interested in various fields such as music, visual arts and literature. I love to play the piano, travel, and discover Korean culture together with my friends. I am currently studying in South Korea, one of the places I love the most.
Korean and English Teacher
Cristina Profesor BrightKids Limba Germana
I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, majoring in English - German, then following a scholarship that gave me the opportunity to study this language at the University of Sibiu, where after 1 year of study I went to Germany as an exchange student, for a period of 3 years. I am currently taking the PiPP courses at the University of Bucharest to become an educator/teacher and to dedicate myself to the activity I love the most, education. I am a German language teacher and I love teaching it to all age groups, from children to adults. I am a creative person who loves to travel and be surrounded by children. I like movies and this is how I relax after a busy day.
German teacher
I am Aurelia and I have graduated Psychology. My specialization is clinical psychology and short-term psychotherapy. I am competent in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, individual and group development. Currently I am working in private practice with children and adolescents. I conduct courses and workshops in personal development for children in kindergartens and schools, clinical assessment, counselling and individual and group psychotherapy. Children’s curiousity, courage and honesty drew me into this wonderful world with a desire to discover and understand all stages of child development in all its forms. The passion and curiosity I have in the field of psychology , drives me to continuously improve myself. I love fine arts, I love reading and travelling.
Self development teacher
I graduated from Glasgow School of Art BA Fine Art Sculpture in 2000. I’ve been working as an Art teacher at a Secondary School Art&Design Teacher NLC in Scotland for more than 10 years. I teach Drawing, Painting, Willow Weaving, Needle Felting and Pottery.
Art tutor
I am Laura, I graduated the Faculty of Letters, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, with specialization in French and Spanish. I teach French for children and adults, with passion and enthusiasm, for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. I love what I do, and I use attractive and interesting methods for learning French in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The materials used are adapted to the level and age of the learners, focusing on the development of all the skills needed to learn a foreign language. In my spare time, I love reading, travelling, writing and watching TV series.
French teacher
Hello, my name is Teodora, but you can call me Teo! I’ve always loved studying foreign languages and teaching them. I graduated from a German highschool (where German was thought as a mother tongue), and I continued to study foreign languages in university. I studied Korean and Japanese in Cluj and Romanian and English in Arad. After completing my Bachelor’s in Romania I recieved a Master’s degree in South Korea where I currently reside. I’ve been teaching different foreign languages online and offline since I was in university and I’ve worked with students of all ages, ranging from little children to adults, creating classes fit to each student’s needs. Because I love children, I worked as a preschool teacher in Korea which thought me that the best way to learn a foreign language is when you have fun doing it! So I want to share my love for foreign languages with my students in a way that will make them excited to attend classes!
English, Korean, Japanese and German Teacher