Payment for BrightKids services can be made in two ways.


If you choose this payment method, you will pay by bank transfer from your account to our account by the due date on the invoice. Transfer information will be sent immediately after the order is processed. The product will be delivered only after receiving the amount paid by you and after the amount will be highlighted on the account statement (the transfer usually takes between 1-2 working days.
After making the payment by bank transfer, the student can have access to the course, starting with the next working day or with the first day of the start of the course established by the provider. The learner will be contacted via an email in which he will receive all the necessary information to participate in the course, login ID on the platform, the teacher’s name and the set time.


If you opt for the online card payment method, you will pay for products through the Netopya Payment portal. When confirming the order, the system redirects you directly to the Netopya portal where you will enter the card details and then confirm the payment. The connection is encrypted and secure. This type of payment ensures that the payment will be immediately allocated to your order. The products will be shipped only after the amount has been allocated to your order.


BrightKids services will be delivered online through the Zoom platform. After confirming the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the appointment. Once the appointment or subscription has been confirmed, a BrightKids representative will communicate the Zoom link where children can attend the language lessons. Communication will be done either by e-mail or through a WhatsApp group.