Would you like to introduce your child to the Asian culture of one of Asia’s super-economies? North Korea represents a market with spectacular growth!

Choose interactive courses, tailored to the needs of each child, guided by qualified teachers with experience and dedication.

Open your child’s perspective to unique cultures with a bright future!

Discover Korean for kids at Bright Kids’ online courses!

Fun fact: Korean is the official language in both North and South Korea, being the mother tongue for 81 million people.

Almost any future career will involve knowledge of foreign languages, and Korean is one of Asia’s gems.

Prepare your child for a flexible career through Korean culture and economy, paving the way for success in fields like technology and robotics, automotive or naval industries.

Enroll them in Bright Kids’ online Korean courses.

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BrightKids Teachers

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Korean and English Teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English, Korean, Japanese and German Teacher
Experience: 4 years +

Studying Korean can be beneficial for travel, academic and professional qualifications, career advancement, or simply communication (digital or otherwise).

South Korea’s economy has flourished tremendously since the 1960s, through industrialization and the development of automotive, naval, technological, and electronic sectors. Furthermore, Korean culture has gradually become a global phenomenon, even dubbed “the Korean wave” by Barack Obama.

Therefore, we believe that the opportunities for success through Korean language proficiency are numerous, and exotic languages are in high demand globally!

Regardless of your child’s skills and learning styles, they will surely find their place among Bright Kids’ students. We teach interactively, using visual and audio materials that facilitate learning at their own pace.

The objectives include mastering the four pillars of language learning: listening and understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

You can opt for Korean language study during summer courses or throughout the school year.

At Bright Kids’ online courses you’ll find:

  • young, energetic, creative teachers who love their profession and are dedicated to teaching wholeheartedly
  • interactive learning methods: engaging texts and discussions, online games, educational flashcards, videos, educational games, audio files, worksheets, public speaking exercises, and even movement games
  • age-appropriate groups tailored to children’s knowledge levels
  • emphasis on developing communication skills
  • classes conducted in groups of maximum 5-7 children, or individual courses
  • summer courses (summer school), Korean language workshops, courses throughout the school year

Take advantage of the upward trend of the Korean economy to prepare your child to be part of the 11 new major economic powers projected to dominate international trade in this century!

South Korea is an economic and cultural phenomenon of global interest, and its stability over the past decades makes it “a rising star.” Not to mention its tourist charm.


At Bright Kids, you also benefit from the most advantageous promotions!

We understand that all expenses add up, but we also know how important it is to invest in our children’s future. So we’re here to help as much as we can!

For every second course your child enrolls in, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

For every other enrolled child (second, third, etc.), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

If you enroll your child between June 1st – August 31st, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

And if you pay in advance for the entire school year’s English course for children (10 months of courses), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

These discounts CAN BE COMBINED!

This means that the second child, for their second Bright Kids online English course, enrolled by August 31st and fully paid in advance, receives a 40% discount on the subscription cost (which is 1440-1600 RON / year)! ?

Invest in your child’s future, broaden their perspective on new cultures, and pave the way to success.

If you’re unsure which course is right for your child, sign up for a trial lesson with no obligations.

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