Polls say that Italian is the most studied language worldwide for culture and leisure. 20% of most students prefer to study Italian to other languages. Learning this beautiful language enables you to better appreciate and enjoy classical music, as Pavarotti sings in Italian and Mozart is one of the best well-known classical music composers who chose Italian for his masterpiece.

Italy is the culinary leader of the world thus learning the food words can help you easily order your favourite dish. Moreover, Italy has the most famous fashion brands so knowing the language might help you find employment at one of the world-famous Italian fashion houses.

Fun fact: The Italian language is an official language in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and the Vatican, serving as the mother tongue for 67 million people.

Italy, or the country shaped like a boot, is where tourists most admire Roman ruins and Renaissance art, its rich musical and theatrical culture, fine wines, and diverse gastronomy. With an economy dominated by tourism and the manufacturing of luxury goods, Italy ranks 12th globally and represents the fifth economic power in Europe.

Encourage your child to discover the vibrant Italian culture and pave the way for their success.

Enroll them in Bright Kids’ online Italian courses for children and teenagers.

1 session of 90 minutes
7-18 years old

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150,00 lei

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8 sessions of 90 min / month
7-18 years old

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If you love good music and admire artists like Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli, if a perfect evening for you means attending an opera or theater, if Art History is your favorite topic of discussion, perhaps it’s a good idea to share these passions with your child.

Bright Kids’ Italian language courses take into account the specific needs of each child, their different abilities, and learning styles. We provide interactive teaching methods based on numerous visual and audio materials that facilitate easy learning at one’s own pace.

The objectives include mastering the four pillars of language learning: listening and understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

Is the school year schedule too busy? No problem! We organize online summer language courses.

At Bright Kids’ online courses, you’ll find:

  • Vocational passion, creativity, and a minimum of 5 years of experience from our teachers.
  • Interactive learning using various materials (written texts, audio, video, graphics, etc.).
  • Group allocation based on age groups tailored to children’s knowledge levels.
  • The course structure focuses on personal development through practical communication exercises, creating a conversation club among peers.
  • The opportunity to study in groups of maximum 5-7 children or choose individual 1-on-1 courses for children.
  • Summer courses (summer school), workshops, courses throughout the school year.

Rome is the most visited city in Italy, renowned for its imposing ruins and constructions (from the Colosseum to numerous cathedrals and churches, as well as diverse Renaissance architecture). Additionally, Rome is the city where an autonomous state, the Vatican, operates under papal authority.

However, Italy has much more to offer in terms of tourism, from numerous beaches and luxury cruises to mountain resorts and ski holidays, from city breaks in dozens of cities to relaxing vacations in rural areas.

And for fans of the automotive, leather goods, or luxury fashion industries, Italy is an important point of interest within the European reference, offering numerous professional development opportunities.

At Bright Kids, you also get the most advantageous promotions!

We understand that expenses add up, but we also know how important it is to invest in our children’s future. So we’re here to help as much as we can!

For every second course you enroll your child in, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

For every additional child enrolled (second, third, etc.), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

If you enroll your child between June 1st and August 31st, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

And if you pay in advance for the Italian language course for the entire school year (10 months of courses), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

These discounts CAN BE COMBINED!

This means that the second child, for their second Bright Kids course, enrolled between June 1st and August 31st, and paid in full in advance, receives a 40% discount off the subscription cost (i.e., 1440-1600 RON / year)!

Invest in your child’s future, broaden their perspective on the rich Italian culture, and pave the way for their success.

If you’re not sure which Italian language course is right for your child, sign up for a trial lesson with no obligations.

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Exam prep

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Learning italian

Why choose Bright Kids for learning Italian?

Italian Language Classes for All Ages: Discover the beauty of the Italian language with our comprehensive classes designed for learners of all ages and proficiency levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our expert instructors will guide you through your language journey with engaging teaching methods and fun activities.

Exploring Italian Art: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Italy with our courses on Italian art history. From the Renaissance to modern masterpieces, delve into the fascinating world of Italian art while enhancing your language skills. Join us for insightful discussions, museum visits, and cultural events to deepen your appreciation of Italian creativity.

Learn italian online

Dynamic Classes for Children: Ignite your child’s passion for language and culture with our dynamic Italian classes for children. Through interactive lessons, games, and hands-on activities, young learners will build their Italian vocabulary, grammar, and language skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Sign up for a trial lesson today!


Italian Exam Preparation: Prepare for official Italian exams with confidence at our certified exam center. Our experienced instructors will provide targeted instruction and practice materials to help you excel in your exam. Whether you’re aiming for Italian citizenship or simply testing your language proficiency, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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Private Italian Lessons: Accelerate your language learning with personalized one-on-one instruction from our native Italian teachers. Tailored to your specific goals and learning style, our private lessons offer maximum flexibility and effectiveness. Whether online or in-person, let us help you achieve fluency in Italian at your own pace.


Immersive Language Experience: Embark on an immersive language experience with our intensive Italian courses. Designed for motivated learners seeking rapid progress, our intensive programs combine comprehensive curriculum, small class sizes, and immersive cultural activities to maximize language acquisition. Start your Italian adventure today!