German is the most widely spoken language in Europe, as more than 100 million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland talk about this language. If you have ever considered learning a complex language, German is the best choice. Nevertheless, studying it offers you lots of opportunities like making a promising career because there are a lot of international companies with headquarters all over the world. The second would be studying engineering or medicine or any other field, as a German university degree is highly valued worldwide. In a German-speaking country, you can find good working conditions because Germany is the second most popular country seeking work, after the USA. There is also a cultural benefit as understanding German dialects ( Bavarian, Hessian, Berlinese) is a real challenge. If you think that German is challenging, you should know many similarities between English and German.

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Cristina Profesor BrightKids Limba Germana


German teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English, Korean, Japanese and German Teacher
Experience: 4 years +

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