German is the most widely spoken language in Europe, as more than 100 million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland talk about this language. If you have ever considered learning a complex language, German is the best choice. Nevertheless, studying it offers you lots of opportunities like making a promising career because there are a lot of international companies with headquarters all over the world. The second would be studying engineering or medicine or any other field, as a German university degree is highly valued worldwide. In a German-speaking country, you can find good working conditions because Germany is the second most popular country seeking work, after the USA. There is also a cultural benefit as understanding German dialects ( Bavarian, Hessian, Berlinese) is a real challenge. If you think that German is challenging, you should know many similarities between English and German.

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Fun fact: German is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Liechtenstein, being the native language for over 75 million people.

The careers of the future are not yet known, but one thing is certain: the automotive industry is not going to disappear anytime soon, and Germany represents an important pillar in this field.

Encourage your child to explore Bavarian culture in a fun way and pave the way for their success.

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If punctuality, honesty, consistency, and diplomacy are among your core values, then discovering German culture through Bright Kids’ courses can guide your child in that direction.

Bright Kids courses cater to children with different abilities and learning styles. Our approach involves learning through interactive games. We use various audio and visual materials, the surrounding environment, children’s games, and songs for easy and enjoyable learning at their own pace.

The objectives include mastering the four pillars of foreign language learning: listening and understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

Depending on your child’s school and extracurricular schedule, you can choose between online German language courses during the school year and summer courses.

At Bright Kids online courses, you’ll find:

  • qualified and dedicated teachers, creative and beloved by children
  • interactive learning of grammatical structures using various written, audio, and video materials, graphics, children’s movies, etc.
  • grouping by age adapted to the children’s knowledge level
  • development of communication skills (speaking, reading) through practice, practice, practice…
  • the opportunity to learn in groups of maximum 5-7 children online, or opt for individual courses
  • summer courses (summer school), workshops, courses throughout the school year


German and English have a common origin in the old West Germanic language. Therefore, they have similar grammatical structures. However, causal declensions, noun gender, and the writing of compound nouns are three major differences between the two languages.

For years, Germany has been the largest economic power in Europe and the fifth globally. In terms of the automotive industry, Germany ranks 6th globally in production as of 2021. Germany is also the largest contributor to the European Space Agency.

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If you enroll your child between June 1st – August 31st, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

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These discounts CAN BE COMBINED!

This means that the second child, for their second Bright Kids course, enrolled between June 1st and August 31st and fully paid in advance, will benefit from a 40% reduction in the subscription cost (i.e., 1440-1600 RON / year)! ?

Invest in your child’s future, broaden their perspective on German culture, and pave their way to success.

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