English is the official language in 53 countries, and 400 million people speak English as their first language. As it’s the most widely spoken language globally, improving your linguistic skills allows you to communicate and create new connections. Studying English can bring you opportunities both personally and professionally: it can help you get a better job, travel more, read English books and talk with people of different nationalities.

If you are passionate about the traditions of English culture, the chances of learning this language increase considerably. Now you can learn English with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, any time, from anywhere in the world, with a native teacher or a qualified Romanian tutor

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Almost any future career will involve learning English at some point. Why not tackle this with the help of Bright Kids English courses – beloved by children?

Prepare your child for Cambridge and IELTS exams and pave their way to success.


Enroll them in Bright Kids’ online English courses for children.

1 session of 90 minutes
7-18 years old

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150,00 lei 50 minutes

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8 sessions of 90 min / month
7-18 years old

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360,00 lei

/ month

BrightKids Teachers

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Founder and English Teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English teacher
Experience: 5 years +

Dr. Gaele Mcfarlane

English Trainer and Coordinator
Experience: years +


Korean and English Teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English and Spanish Teacher
Experience: 5 years +

Jazmyn Profesor Engleza BrightKids


English teacher and trainer
Experience: 5 years +


English, Korean, Japanese and German Teacher
Experience: 4 years +

We offer English courses for children with different abilities and learning styles. The teaching process is interactive, including visual and audio materials that facilitate easy learning at their own pace.

We have classes for preschoolers, school-aged children, and teenagers, organized both as individual English lessons and group sessions.

The objectives focus on mastering the four pillars of foreign language learning: listening and comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on developing communication skills.

Whether you opt for summer courses or year-round English language study, Bright Kids’ teachers will prepare your child for passing the Cambridge English exam or other English language exams with love and dedication.

If you’re interested in exploring a new culture and even more diverse opportunities in the future, you can also consider other foreign language courses for children, such as German, Chinese, or Korean. Each course begins with a trial lesson to assess the child’s level and learning style. We teach the chosen language according to the child’s needs.

At Bright Kids’ online courses, you’ll find:

  • Certified young, energetic, creative teachers who love their profession, are dedicated to working with children, and make teaching English an art, involving themselves wholeheartedly.
  • Interactive learning methods: engaging texts and discussions, online games, educational flashcards, videos, educational games, audio files, worksheets, conversation clubs through public speaking exercises, and even physical activities.
  • Age group organization based on children’s knowledge level, not their general grade level.
  • Emphasis on developing communication skills and preparation for Cambridge English, IELTS, intensive English entrance exams for 5th grade.
  • Conducting school English courses in groups of maximum 5-7 children or individual lessons.
  • Summer courses (summer school), English camp, courses throughout the school year.


At Bright Kids, you also benefit from the most advantageous promotions!

We understand that all expenses add up, but we also know how important it is to invest in our children’s future. So we’re here to help as much as we can!

For every second course your child enrolls in, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

For every other enrolled child (second, third, etc.), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

If you enroll your child between June 1st – August 31st, you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

And if you pay in advance for the entire school year’s English course for children (10 months of courses), you get a 10% discount on the subscription.

These discounts CAN BE COMBINED!

This means that the second child, for their second Bright Kids online English course, enrolled by August 31st and fully paid in advance, receives a 40% discount on the subscription cost (which is 1440-1600 RON / year)! ?

Our students’ pass rate so far is 100%!

This means that ALL children prepared at Bright Kids have successfully passed both the Cambridge and IELTS exams, as well as the intensive English 5th grade entrance exams.

If you’re not sure which course is right for your child, sign up for a free trial lesson.

De ce sa alegi BrightKids?

Small groups

Grupe mici pentru o interactiune profesor-elev eficienta și în timp real

Efficient communication

Posibilitatea comunicarii cu noi în functie de programul tau sau al copilului

Exam prep

Pregatire dedicata în vederea sustinerii examenelor de specialitate

Discover 5 benefits of learning English with Bright Kids

Amazing linguistic development: we ensure that we use innovative and age-appropriate teaching methods for each child, tailored to their needs, so that they acquire solid linguistic skills at a suitable pace.

The lesson becomes a captivating game: Bright Kids’ English courses are full of interactive activities and fun games that make the learning process easy and arouse the enthusiasm of children and teenagers.

All teachers are experienced and dedicated: our team of passionate teachers brings their experience and expertise to online English courses. They will provide your child with the necessary support to learn and develop in a safe and motivating environment.

Flexibility and convenience: our courses can be accessed by children online, from anywhere and anytime, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule. By taking the courses at home, you can observe your child’s preferences and inclinations even from preschool.

Visible progress: you will be amazed at the progress your child will make in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and ability to express themselves in English.

Why choose interactive online courses

Fun activities improve children’s results because laughter and positive emotions generate dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin, important factors for studying. Dopamine gives children the motivation to focus on learning and the desire to repeat this activity. Endorphins produce feelings of happiness, making learning associated with a pleasant action.

Serotonin is generated when we talk about success and achievements and is very important for improving memory and brain plasticity.

Equally important is oxytocin – the hormone released when we trust someone. This is very important because you cannot learn from someone you don’t trust. (Neurologist Judy Willis has demonstrated in her book, Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning)

7 reasons for your child to learn English online

If you still have doubts about online learning, we present you with just 7 reasons why this could be the optimal choice for your child.

Flexibility: online English classes for children offer flexibility in the learning schedule. You can choose the right time for your child to participate in lessons, adapting them to their daily routine.

Comfort and safety: through online learning, your child can attend classes in the comfort of their own home. It’s a familiar and safe environment where the child can concentrate better and feel at ease.

Interactive and engaging materials: online English courses for children come with a variety of interactive resources and fun activities. These keep children engaged and interested, facilitating learning and knowledge consolidation.

Improvement of technological skills: by participating in online English classes, your child develops essential technological skills in the digital age.

Time and money savings: attending online courses saves time and money. There’s no need for travel or transportation costs, and online english lessons are often more financially accessible.

Autonomous learning: we teach English to children so that they develop their process of autonomous learning and responsibility. They learn to organize their time and manage their own learning resources.

Continuity: regardless of circumstances, online English lessons provide continuity in learning. Your child can attend lessons without interruptions, ensuring a consistent schedule and progress in English language learning.

Cambridge YLE Certificates

Preparing for Cambridge English exams is more than just a simple learning process; it’s a journey full of challenges. We present to you some of the benefits of Cambridge English.

The friendly and fun atmosphere of exams

These exams are specially designed to adapt to the needs and interests of children aged 7 to 12.

Continuous motivation and reinforcement of linguistic skills

Cambridge YLE is not just an exam, but also a continuous learning program that generates remarkable results.

Building self-confidence and communication skills

As they overcome various stages of the Cambridge YLE exam, children gain confidence in their English communication skills.

And the benefits don’t end once they’ve obtained the certificate!

Logic, the ability to acquire new knowledge, and the self-taught spirit formed from an early age will support them throughout their lives. Thus, for children, online English classes can represent the foundation of efficient learning.

In conclusion, Cambridge YLE preparation represents an excellent opportunity for children to explore and enjoy learning English in a creative and captivating way. The program helps them develop their communication skills and self-confidence, through which they will be prepared for the academic and professional challenges of the future.

Even if not born in Great Britain, once armed with the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge, your child can follow in the footsteps of millions of young people worldwide who have paved their way to success through Cambridge YLE exams.