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1 session of 90 minutes
7-18 years old

1:1 English lessons for kids!

About the class

We are providing online 1:1 tuition lessons for children with different learning styles and abilities. The teaching process is interactive, with visual and auditory materials which helps the student learn easily and at their own pace.

Our teaching aims are: listening, speaking, writing and reading in English.

Individual classes are one to one sessions with a teacher, scheduled at your convenience!

We are using texts, online games, flashcards, videos, games, recordings, worksheets and sometimes moving games in the learning process. Learning a new language is so easy!

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Founder and English Teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English teacher
Experience: 5 years +

Dr. Gaele Mcfarlane

English Trainer and Coordinator
Experience: years +


Korean and English Teacher
Experience: 5 years +


English and Spanish Teacher
Experience: 5 years +

Jazmyn Profesor Engleza BrightKids


English teacher and trainer
Experience: 5 years +


English, Korean, Japanese and German Teacher
Experience: 4 years +

Class details

Price from

150,00 lei 50 minutes

/ session
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